Above is the Wisla River in Plock (pwutsk), Poland, the town where my grandmother Mollie was born. At the bottom of the blog is a map of Poland.


News Flash on Lag B'Omer

Turns out that starting on Friday afternoon, May 20, I became a guest of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs! This is not a joke. Rebecca and I are being escorted around Poland with an interpreter, a driver or first-class train where the snacks are served free like how they used to do it on airplanes, and hand-picked guides. We are meeting lots of official people -- see my Revised Itinerary for details and join me in shock. No one has bowed to me, but one man kissed my hand (actually, that was at the synagogue so it doesn’t really count). And the hotels are the kind that would get Benja's approval!

My blog is several days behind real life, but I will catch up. Meanwhile, I have tried but failed to activate the Comment option for those of you out there who are clamoring to be heard.

This photo, taken of a pillar in Bialystok, is in honor of Lag B'Omer.

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